Paring Down & Staging

Clearing your home of years of accumulation and organizing what you want to keep will make your move much simpler and inspires you to bring only what you love into your new home.

Paring down helps stage your home for an optimum selling price and quicker sale!


We have the resources to help you pack up the small items, find temporary storage, and responsibly dispose of what you no longer want. 

We can help you manage and set up garage sales and estate sales.

Move In and Unpacking Services

Set your new home up right from the beginning!

We will unpack your boxes and put everything away in it's best space to make your home functional and peaceful.  


Perhaps the kids have moved out and you are ready to freshen up and reclaim your home! We'll help you "archive" the memories and keepsakes and remove what you want gone!

Read more about organizing an easier move!