Bathroom:  Failed hair care and styling products, old make up, failed “experiment” make up, dried up nail polish, expired sunscreen, gifts of creams and soaps that you do not like, broken hair dryers, hairbrushes from 1989, miscellaneous curlers, expired medicines.  Hair clips and ties that are old or broken.

Kitchen: Expired cans and boxes of food. Review food in freezer.  Scratched old pots and pans.  Trendy appliances: bread maker you never use, the tiny cupcake maker, Mickey Mouse waffle maker.  Plastic baby items, sippy cups, baby spoons, plates. Tupperware missing lids. Gather up all plastic bags, flatten, fold and roll, then place all in one bag.

Gadget drawer: Review for gadgets you never use: grapefruit knife, sandwich press, tomato slicer. 

Linens:  Old sheets, old bedspreads, baby sheets, tattered towels, stained or outdated table cloths, sets missing pieces.

Living Room:  Magazines over one year old, junk mail, outdated media (VHS and cassette tapes), exercise videos you never used, movies you watched once and didn’t like. Broken or scratched CDs and DVDs.

Dining room:  Junk mail, table decor that is dated or you do not like, old table cloths, multiple glass vases tucked away in the sideboard or buffet.

Home office:  Paystubs, utility bills and receipts over one year old.  Old job resumes, outdated conference handouts, old work materials including benefits information more than one year old.   Cards from miscellaneous people (not immediate family and closest friends).   Concert, theatre and movie ticket stubs.  

Master Bedroom:    Clothing that you don’t like or doesn’t fit or needs repair. Same for shoes.  Take a peek under the bed and in the nightstand drawer.  Dump out the underwear and sock drawer on the bed and review.

Kid areas:  Excess stuffed animals, broken toys, broken sports equipment, unwanted games, unwanted children’s books.

Basement: Broken or outdated electronics, empty cardboard boxes, broken or seriously outdated furniture, old books and textbooks, college “stuff”, bottles of liquor no one will drink, left over wood or tiles from home improvement projects.