Organizing an Easier Move

As we welcome the Spring flowers and warmer weather, for many people Spring also means Moving Season.

Or at least, the kick off season to selling a home. Families are preparing to move in the summer and hope to be settled by the beginning of the new school year.  With a little planning ahead, an experienced Home Organizer can make your move easier.  Follow these tips to get you started.


Declutter  You are making a fresh start!  Now is your opportunity to rid yourself of all the clutter you have collected over the years.

It’s best not to pack up and haul what you don’t want in your new home.  

For ideas on decluttering every room in your house you can check out this resource list.


Staging   Your realtor will surely tell you that an uncluttered, well organized house looks larger and more appealing to prospective buyers.

You want to make your house look the best that it can be for showings.

Plus, it’s easier to manage the day to day upkeep required during showings when you have a well organized home.   Staging is taking organizing up a notch by removing anything overly personal and creating a pleasant, but somewhat neutral environment in your home. 


Packing  You may decide to pack up for yourself or have movers do it for you.

When hiring professional movers, I prefer Olympia Movers. Next to hiring a realtor, selecting a mover is integral to the success of your move and peace of mind. Olympia Movers are known for excellent customer service, being efficient and are skilled in handling even the most fragile items. They will come to your home the day before your move to pack everything for you.

How many boxes will you need for your size home?  Check out Olympia’s move planner here.

You can order your boxes online and they will be delivered right to your door.


Did you know that there are special boxes designed for carefully packing items like books, wine glasses and televisions?  My favorite packing invention is the wardrobe box.  These are sturdy boxes with a bar across the top for your clothes on hangers.   Simply pull your clothes out of the closet and drop into the wardrobe box and you are done! You will unpack them with the same ease.

All of these special boxes protect your belongings and make packing easier.

If you are planning a smaller, DIY move, I recommend getting your boxes at the local U-haul. They have kits for packing various sized homes including protective packaging for items like glasses, plates and mattresses.  

Even DIY movers need help!  Organizers will work with you to pack up every room in your house.



Once you are moved into your new home plan for unpacking your boxes right away.  It makes your life easier to have your clothes in place and the kitchen ready as soon as possible. Better moving companies like Olympia Moving offer unpacking services. 

For more detailed services, Home Organizers will unpack for you and put everything away in its best place.

We will organize everything including your kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets and dressers, bathroom storage and living room bookcases.   

With some careful planning and organizing, you can get your home ready for sale, plan a better and less stressful move and ensure that life in your new home starts off the best that it can be.

Have questions about planning your move? Feel free to call or email me here.