The Prosperous Home

“Live long and Prosper”, said our Vulcan friend Mr. Spock. 

So, did he mean, live long and make tons of money or was it something more profound and meaningful?  Prosperity in it’s true sense is comfort, security, well- being and good fortune. 

A prosperous life is a flourishing life.  

Our home is the area of our lives from where everything else springs.  It is the place where we have the most control.  How we chose to create and define that space emanates to our life outside the home.  Creating a prosperous home is a two-part process, where each works to support the other. 

First, you need to get your home in order.  This means among many things, decluttering and organizing your possessions and rooms in a manner that makes sense.  

William Morris, the 19th Century poet, author, and textile designer wrote, Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Getting your home in order also means having our home life in order by managing the practical aspects of our daily lives; managing our budgets, our health and food, our basic requirements. 

Having your home in good order lays the foundation for the second part; achieving our dreams and goals.

When our homes are not in order, we waste our precious resources- time and money. We waste time scrambling and looking for what we need to get through the day.  Our closets are overstuffed and overwhelming. We waste our money re-buying what we already have but cannot find and overbuying-   buying without thinking if these items fit into the theme of our home life or are needed.  Multiply this stress by the number of people in the home!

A disorganized home drains us of our energy.    

An organized home gives us the freedom, in time and effort to live the life we envision.  You should breeze through your maintenance and daily routines to get to doing what you love and are passionate about!  

The second part of creating a prosperous home starts with the intention to identify what is important to us and what we want to achieve. It is setting your priorities. 

Our goals and dreams are all different.  Some people have larger goals like starting a business.  Others have simpler goals like wanting to learn to cook new things or have the freedom to spend more time with family and children.  Some people define prosperity by their bank account and others by the love of their families and communities, but most define prosperity by a balanced combination of these.   

Take a good look around your home and ask yourself if what it is that you want to achieve lines up with what is actually in your home and how you are running your home. 

Prosperity is achieved when your goals, dreams and priorities line up with what you are doing. Since these three things naturally change over time, it is a good idea to remove from your home any items that have either lost their meaning or represent the older priorities so you can allow space for new experiences and growth to come into your life. It’s like caring for a garden. Removing the weeds not only prevents them from choking the garden, but also allows the beautiful plants and flowers to flourish. 

Our house is expected to provide us with our basic needs; shelter and security. A prosperous home provides these but also warmth, creativity and fulfillment.   While we all have our own definition of success, prosperity is comfort, well-being and the opportunity to thrive.